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Hiring a Belly Dancer is a really fun way to liven up any party, here are some thing to consider when hiring a Professional Belly Dancer:
Professional Belly Dancers are Professional Entertainers. Most professional entertainers are booked weeks and months in advance. If you are planning entertainment for an event you may want to book the entertainers prior to sending the invitations.

Professional Dancers often travel to different states and countries and have need to schedule their time. A Professional Belly Dancer may book several shows in one day, or evening. Since she will make sure that you entertainment is appropriate for you event, she may need to schedule time for an appriate costume change, or time for travel between events.

A Professional Belly Dancer has to plan for costume changes, travel time, meals, restroom stops, batteries and fuel. A Professional Dancer will also plan to for having her hair done, doing her make up, a manicure, and pedicure. She many want to have the appropriate costume cleaned. A Professional Belly Dancer is a Professional Belly Dancer. Do not expect a stripper, or expect the dancer to jump out of a cake. Some Professional Belly Dancers may perform for bachelor parties, when booking a bachelor party they may also include the cost of a body guard.

Amount of notice needed:

Some Professional Belly Dancers may be available on short notice, if they are make sure you tip well, because you may be interrupting other plans.( I promise you, they sitting in their costume waiting for the phone to ring.) If you want the dancer present at you whole event, she may request compensation for the time she can not be available for another booking. It is also important to adhere to your booked time for the performance, since the dancer may have to leave for another scheduled event. Since week-end evenings provide the biggest demand for dancers, the will most like book a many jobs as possible in that time frame.

Type of show:

What kind of show are you wanting? Are you booking her (them) for a 15 minute belly gram at the office, or booking the dancer for a wedding that you expect her to attend for the evening? Are you expecting a show, a lesson, or both? How many dancers are you wanting to hire? Do you want a troupe performance or separate solo dances? Are you expecting her to sing for the occasion as well?


Do not expect a Professional Belly Dancer to “audition.” Most Professional Dancers have a web page and have video available . When you hire them you are paying for their time. Also, if you wish to video tape you event you will need to get permission to do so.

Evlalution for space:
Different styles of Belly Dancing can require different amounts of space. If the dancer is planning to dance with a sword, veil or candelabra she will need more space. Will she be dancing on a stage, a dance floor, carpet or the grass in the back yard? (Have you ever tried to dance in the grass in high heel shoes?) She probably wants to know this information because her footwear and costume choices may be different.

Type of Event:

Different kinds of events may require different kinds of shows. Some of the typical events that people hire Belly Dancer are: birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, fund raisers, batchelorette parties, bridal showers, retirement parties, ethnic festival, theme parties, Renaissance festivals, Greek and Middle-Eastern restaurants and theme parties, rehabs, and nursing homes.

Sound System and Musicians:

Most dancers have their own sound system, but if this is a large or outdoor event, the dancer many need a microphone or PA, or sound system. Let her know if you will be providing these or expect her to provide them. There will be a difference in the cost. Some events provide musicains and some dancer will request musicans for a performance. The dancer will want to know something of the band a head of time. The dancer can also recomder a band for a larger event. The dancer and musicans will also want to know if there is someplace to secure props and equipement when they are not being used. Costumes, equipment and props can be very expensive and hard to replace. You may get a bill if there items are lost or destroyed.


Parking can be an important issue. Make sure the dancer has parking close to the entrance. If the dancer is arriving dressed in the middle of winter please make sure that she doesn’t have to walk down the block in her sandals and chiffon skirt in the rain. If this is a big event, please do not expect her to walk a mile before she performs. (If the dancer is not arriving dressed, whee will want to know what kind of facilities are available before she will take the booking.) .

Belly dancing improves body image and satisfaction
Shimmy your way to body love
Belly dancers have a better body image, Flinders research shows. Credit: Shutterstock.
Belly dancers are more satisfied with their bodies and have better body image than young women who don’t belly dance, new Flinders University research shows.

In a survey of more than 200 Adelaide women, the belly dancers scored higher marks for positive body image and lower on measures of body dissatisfaction and self-objectification than a group of university students who had never belly danced.
A total of 112 belly dancers from two Adelaide dance schools were interviewed as part of the research, along with 101 university students.
Led by Flinders body image expert Professor Marika Tiggemann, the study aimed to determine whether belly dancing fosters a greater sense of connection, or “embodiment”, between the body, mind and spirit, thereby leading to positive body image.
“Embodiment refers to the sense of ownership, trust, respect and self-expression of the body,” Professor Tiggemann, based in the School of Psychology, said.
“In the Australian context, we found that belly dancing is an embodying activity because it requires focused attention on breathing and torso muscles, as well as strength and flexibility, all of which calls on the dancers to communicate with their bodies,” she said.
“Belly dancing also has a strong mental and physical element of being ‘in the moment’, which is another characteristic of embodiment.”
Professor Tiggemann said the effects of belly dance on body image were largely driven by reduced “self-objectification”, meaning the dancers didn’t view or treat their bodies as objects based on other people’s thoughts.self
“The belly dancers weren’t so focused on external appearance but more the internal experiences and competencies of the body.
“Unlike some forms of dance such as ballet, the belly dancers we surveyed didn’t feel outside pressures to be and remain thin – not only is belly dancing open to women of all shapes and sizes, the belly dancers said they participated because it makes them feel good, not for the gaze of others.”
While belly dance is often viewed as an exotic and sexually alluring activity, Professor Tiggemann said she was surprised to find the belly dance group didn’t embrace their sexuality any more than the university cohort.
She said further research was required to test embodiment across a wider range of recreational activities and life stages in order to determine the best way and time to use it.
“It may well be that other more mindful activities such as yoga and meditation, which have been shown to reduce levels of self-objectification, body dissatisfaction and disorder eating, may have a more direct effect on positive body image because of their greater focus on internal experience.
“It would also be useful to find out whether there is a critical period in the lifespan that embodying activities need to be engaged in for maximum benefit.
“For example, it might be particularly crucial in adolescence; a time when many Australian girls are currently dropping out of organised sport, often for appearance-based reasons.”
The findings, Professor Tiggemann said, highlight the need to encourage women and girls to participate in physical activities that “focus on being in and using the body”, such as athletics, hiking or circus skills.
“Importantly, this recommendation represents a positive step, in contrast to most strategies used to combat negative body image such as not reading fashion magazines and not comparing yourself to other women.”

Just a beautiful Belly dancer!!

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — She’s been dancing for more than 70 years and she has no plans to quit.

Catherine Furst of Palm Beach Gardens, Florida celebrated her 100th birthday this past weekend by slipping into the belly dancing outfit she wore in the 1970s.

“I started when I was about 30, I think,” Furst told ABC affiliate WPBF-TV. “That’s when I had a shape.”

Furst was a hairdresser by trade, but says she made extra money on the side by dancing in the salon where she worked. She also danced for customers at private parties in their homes.

As for her love of belly dancing now, she credits her hobby for her long-lasting health.

“I don’t feel 100,” Furst said.